Conference :
27th - 29th June 2018


Politechniki 4 Avenue,
Łódź, Poland





Extension of Deadline for Full Paper Submission


Marshal's Office of the Lodzkie Region

EEM 2018 in Łódź has an official sponsorship of Marshal's Office of the Lodzkie Region.


EEM 2018 in Łódź has an official sponsorship of Veolia.
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Travel information

Łódź – the city of industrial revolution and four cultures

"In the 19th-century the Polish city of Łódź grew from a tiny farming town into a bustling textile industry metropolis at a rate unseen anywhere else in Europe at the time. The cosmopolitan city was raised by Poles, Jews, Germans, Russians and others, who peacefully co-existed there for many years. The dynamic development began when innovation in steam and electricity revolutionized the world economy and changed the face of cities and the way people live. Like Britain’s Manchester or cities along the Rhine in Germany, Łódź grew around large factories that have shaped the character of the city for decades. Now, Łódź, the third-largest city in Poland, is home to a number of interesting examples of post-industrial revitalisation and is internationally known for its National Film School."


Things to see in Łódź

  • Piotrkowska street
  • Poznański factory
  • Poznanski palace
  • Scheiber & Grohmann factories
  • Ramisch factory
  • Off Piotrkowska
  • Łódź fabryczna rail station
  • Łódź Philharmonic building
  • …and much more :)

For detailed information see above-mentioned links.

For Travelers: How to move around Łódź?

Local public transport: Around the city you can move by the local public transport - there are both buses and trams (see timetables). The dense connection network enables to get to everywhere (see communication lines - pdf maps).

Taxi:  Around the city you can hail a cab. The most popular taxi services are:

  • Taxi Plus:   +48 42 6 500 500
  • Taxi:           +48 42 6 400 400

Uber: Łódź city is serviced by Uber.

For travelers: from Polish airports to the city of Łódź


§  Local trains: This airport is linked with Warsaw by fast and frequent urban trains (for more information see this link). It is the most favourable mean of transport to get directly to the main Warsaw railway stations.

§  Taxi: You can also get in a taxi on the Warsaw Chopin Airport to get you to the railway stations (for more information see this link)

§  Bus: You can get to the Warsaw city centre by a bus (the preferable carrier is  ModlinBus – it travels almost 50 times a day both ways) -  see this link.

§  Taxi: - see this link

The most favourable connection with Łódź is railway. From the main Warsaw railway stations:

  • Warszawa Centralna (Central Railway Station),
  • Warszawa Zachodnia (Warsaw West Station)

you can easily get to the following Łódź’s railway stations:

  • Łódź Fabryczna (station located in the middle of Łódź),
  • Łódź Widzew

by direct trains. You can check the timetables and purchase a train ticket here.



From Wroclaw airport to the city centre of Wrocław you can get by:

§  Taxi: see this link.

§  Bus: see this link.

From there you can get to Łódź both by buses and trains:

§  Trains: There is a direct railway connection between the main Wroclaw railway station (Wrocław Główny) and Łódź stations (Łódź Fabryczna, Łódź Widzew, Łódź Kaliska). See railway timetable.

§  Buses: There are numerous bus services linking Wrocław with Łódź, among others:

o – fast and very comfortable but earlier ticket purchase is usually  required. See this link.

o   POLBUS – see this link (web only in Polish language).

o   PKS Łódź -  see this link (web only in Polish language).

Other buses and train services you can check here.



From Katowice airport to the city centre of Katowice you can get to by:

§  Buses: see this link.

§  Taxi: see this link.

Connections with Łódź city:

§  Buses: – fast and very comfortable but usually earlier ticket purchase is required. See this link.

§  Trains - See railway timetable.

Other buses and train services you can check here.



To get to Poznan bus/train station check this web.

Connections with the city of Łódź:

§  trains - See railway timetable.

§  buses: See this link.

Other buses and train services you can check here.


For more detailed information or to ask us to help with travel to Łódź - don’t hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,

EEM 2018 Organizing Committee.






Marshal's Office of the Lodz Region




The Patron of the 15th International Conference on the European Energy Market 2018 is the ENERGA Group. The conference is supported within CSR strategy of the ENERGA Group.


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