Full Paper Submission:
20th April 2018
30th April 2018

Final Notification :
20th May 2018

Early Registration :
1st June 2018

Conference :
27th - 29th June 2018



Extension of Deadline for Full Paper Submission


Marshal's Office of the Lodzkie Region

EEM 2018 in Łódź has an official sponsorship of Marshal's Office of the Lodzkie Region.


EEM 2018 in Łódź has an official sponsorship of Veolia.
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The conference discussions will cover the following fields of power industry:

1. Electricity Market Design, Regulation and Monitoring

  • Structure of electricity market
  • Design and implementation of the capacity market
  • Market monitoring
  • Alternative market models for Europe – nodal or price zone markets
  • Local balancing market and balancing areas
  • Further unbundling: TSO model and unbundling of distribution business
  • Transmission and distribution tariffs
  • Market power and market strategies
  • Merges and acquisitions
  • The role of the last resort supplier
  • Pan-European regulation, the role of ACER and national energy market regulators

2. Technical aspects of electricity market operation

  • Market enabling and enhancing technologies
  • Provision  of ancillary services
  • Smart grid technologies
  • Long term grid planning
  • System operation planning in market environment
  • Economic aspects of energy storage technologies
  • Cost of new nuclear safety requirements
  • Innovative generation technologies
  • Demand site management
  • Internet based technologies

3. Operation, modelling, forecasting and simulation of commodity, technical  and financial markets

  • Technical markets: system balancing, short term reserve and ancillary services provision
  • Carbon market
  • Green certificate markets
  • Cross-border transmission capacity access and trading
  • Futures, forward and other derivative markets
  • Network congestion management
  • Electricity market modelling and simulation
  • Risk management in energy markets
  • Economic modelling of energy market
  • Economic analysis of energy price evolution
  • Portfolio management

4. Implementation of the European energy and climate policy

  • Security of supply
  • Integration of regional electricity markets. Building a single European market
  • Economics of renewables, support schemes  and their impact on the European power systems and electricity markets
  • De-carbonisation of the power sector
  • Economics of climate change
  • Stakeholder vision on the future power system

5. Infrastructure development and asset management

  • Investments in the transmission and distribution systems
  • Incentives for investments in transmission and distribution, merchant investments
  • Investment analysis
  • Transmission and distribution asset management pricing models

6. Presence and future of gas and coal markets

  • Natural gas and coal commodity markets and derivate markets
  • Economic and environmental impact of unconventional gas
  • Carbon market regulation and its footprint on electricity market
  • Liberalization and regulation  of the European gas market
  • Recent development s in the reducing  carbon footprint of fossil fuels






Marshal's Office of the Lodzkie Region


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